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Great lasting hair is hard to find. Well you’ve enter the right place so let us share the difference between the two

Mink Hair- is full and long lasting, Align cuticle intact in one direction which prevent hair from tangling. 3.7 oz in each bundle.Gives you a natural appearance, blends extremely well with natural hair, one donor and very smooth. Can be dyed to many color. Last 2 yrs, Slightly steamed processed to achieve pattern.

12A- Cuticles intact and aligned, soft and bouncy like our Mink Hair. Difference is our 12A is 3.0oz. Oyr Mink Hair is fuller. Colored to #27 or lighter

Raw Virgin Hair (Mink)- fuller, longer lasting bundles. Align, cuticles intact in one direction which prevent hair from tangling, hand cut from one donor not multiple and have a natural appearance. Not steamed nor processed. Each bundle pattern may be a slight different but in pattern depending on the donor natural hair.

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 12A Virgin Bundles- Cuticles intact and aligned. 3.0oz same texture as our Mink Raw Virgin Hair. Sleek, Soft and Bouncy. Can be dyed to the color 27 or lighter.

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